Hi I'm Cookie!!        I'm non-binary and I use he/him pronouns. I am pansexual but I prefer boys who are protective over me. I'm hoping to start Lolita fashion sometime early next year`!!!                            INSTAGRAM: tinylilnerd Days since my last good day: 0
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feeling bad about myself and having bad thoughts again

i need to go to sleep


You come into my house and disrespect matsuoka rin,


These “coffee kiss” sculptures are part of an ongoing series by Chinese artist Johnson Tsang. Started in 2002, the series is named after a local drink called Yuanyang, which is made using a mixture of three parts coffee and seven parts Hong Kong-style milk tea to perfectly represent both Eastern and Western cultures.

Wait for someone who bumps mouths clumsily with yours cos they’re too busy smiling to kiss you properly. Yeah. Wait for that.
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oh yeah if i don’t bring all of my grades up in 5 (school) days then i am getting my phone taken away

which is ridiculous because my grades suck so bad because of stress and anxiety, so my moms way of fixing that is to threaten me to get it all done in a short amount of time, causing more stress and anxiety. I’m going to have a panic attack over this pretty soon here.


anxiety is terrible, you could be having an attack and no one would even know because it’s an inward thing. it feels like you’re malfunctioning and you can’t process your own thoughts. you get a knot in your stomach and you can’t take a full breath but outwardly you can literally just sit there and look completely normal as long as no one tries to speak to you.




the anime